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Ich habe 5 Entwürfe für Blogbeiträge in der Pipeline, die einfach nicht fertig werden. Aber nach all den gesundheitlichen Problemen der letzten Wochen hatte ich zum Jahresende einfach nur mal Lust auf etwas komplett Affiges. Was haben Pitch Meetings damit zu tun? Lest weiter! 😀


Buchtrailer – die meisten sind recht öde und langweilig. Dabei finde ich das Konzept an sich sehr spannend! Offensichtlich kann man bei einem Buch nicht auf Bewegtbildmaterial zurückgreifen wie bei einem Film. Statt aber nur Slideshows von irgendwelchen Illustrationen hintereinander abspielen zu lassen, kann man das Medium „Video“ auch kreativ nutzen, um seine Geschichte in Szene zu setzen.

Ich hoffe, einige von euch kennen diese Playlist bereits. Schon seit Monaten träume ich davon, einen Buchtrailer für Sileon im Format eines Screen Rant Pitch Meetings zu machen. XD

Weil es mir die letzten Tage echt dreckig ging, brauchte ich heute (wo ich eeeeendlich wieder schreiben kann) etwas, das mich aufmuntert und amüsiert.

Hier also die Früchte meiner Hände Arbeit (ACHTUNG: Schaut euch vorher 2 oder 3 Videos aus der Playlist an):

Sileon Pitch Meeting

  • P = Producer
  • C = Author (C. Grabfels)

P: So you have a fantasy novel series for me?
C: Yes ma’am, I do. It’s about a world where magic is pollution.
P: Ok, how is that?
C: You see, when wizards use spells, these only last for a limited amount of time. The magic the spell consists of, however, remains and starts to act on it’s own. So there are the wierdest side effects, like colourful clouds, soup rain, talking plants, rolling stones, people randomly exploding …
P: Exploding?!
C: And other random shit i came up with.
P: That sounds creepy. So how do people struggle with all these side effects?
C: They hardly ever recognise them.
P: But exploding people don’t seem like something you can ignore …
C: Magic and it’s side effects are omnipresent, so people get used to this kind of stuff.
P: They get used to people randomly exploding?
C: Well, they try to protect themselves with protection spells.
P: Wait a second: When magic spells are causing the problem, why don’t they just stop using magic?
C: Because using magic is waaaaaay to practical. Everything in this world works with magic: heating, cooking, flowing water, even most crafts are based solely on magic.
P: Are they aware that their excessive consumption of magic is causing their problems?
C: Pretty much, yes.
P: And there are no plans to reduce the use of magic?
C: There are some hippies who preach that, but nobody takes them seriously.
P: That seems stupid.
C: It’s a metaphor for our consumption of fossil fuels.
P: Oooh, then it’s ok. Metaphors with social commentary are TIGHT.
C: Yeah, right?
P: Ok, you told me about the world. But what is the actual story?
C: Just like in every fantasy novel it’s about saving the world.
P: From the side effects of the magic?
C: From fading into nothing.
P: How’s that?
C: Well, there are two worlds: The world of energy and the world of magic – and those two fade into each other more and more – and when the barrier between them finally falls, both worlds will negate each other. You need a magic key and twelve magic devices in order to prevent that from happening.
P: Ooookay … And the story is to get this key.
C: Yeah, yeah, yeah!
P: And it takes place in the world of magic.
C: No, we’re in the energy world.
P: But you said, wizards are excessively using magic that is polluting everything.
C: Because it’s in the energy world – the magic can’t connect to anything here and will uselessly float around.
P: So how do wizards get magic from that other world?
C: Pffffff, I don’t know.
P: That doesn’t sound logic.
C: Yeah, because it’s magic. If it was logic it would be called … logic.
P: That makes total sense. So who are the characters?
C: Well, the protagonists are some dudes who try to make a living by taking every dangerous job people offer them. There is an immortal dude, an older dude who is racked with guilt, an ex-slave on the run and a little boy, who’s a powerful wizard. They live in a Tavern and go on jobs respectively quests together.
P: Sounds like a funny little gang. Are there more characters?
C: Oh, a whole bunch of side characters, like two wizards who try to find the magic key and a crazy ass queen and her consultant, who also try to find the key.
P: Ok, so the wizards and the queen are looking for the device that will save the world …
C: Exactly.
P: But you said the protagonists are these gang members in the tavern who will take over every job. Why don’t they look for the magic key?
C: Well, they don’t know about all that jazz …
P: Uhm … Why don’t we focus on the characters who actually know what is going on?
C: Yeah, that was a thing that annoyed me about fantasy literature in general – it’s always about the people who are deeply involved with the plot and the whole world-saving stuff. So I wanted to focus on dudes who have no idea what’s going on.
P: That doesn’t sound very exciting. I guess it’s hard to get tension in a story that follows some uninformed bystanders.
C: Actually super easy, barely in inconvenience. You see, they are the ones with the exciting action, adventures and quests.
P: Very well then! So how many parts is the series going to have?
C: It will be a tridecimology.
P: Bless you. So how many –
C: Thirteen.
P: Thirteen Parts?!
C: Yeah, but each of them will be quite short so all in all it probably makes up the amount of a normal trilogy. … So, what do you think?
P: Well, I like the concept of magical pollution, but I think you should change the focus to the important characters.

Sileon – Episode 2 introduces even more uninformed side characters!

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